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Let us serve you in your future entrepreneurial endeavors.

After you complete your purchase, one of our Dealer Consultants will contact you by Phone and Email, to get a Copy of the Valid ID(s) for the Individuals who the Plates will be assigned to;

and if you bought any AuctionACCESS memberships we will have you fill out the necessary sign-up forms for the Nationwide AuctionACCESS network; any private auctions; and COPART and IAAI if applicable.

The store is closed for maintenance

Same Day Dealer LLC
40 Wall Street,
28th Floor,
Manhattan, NY 10005
(The Trump Building)


provides a 100% money back guarantee on all the products advertised herein

Our Money Back Guarantee protects you from being without the AuctionACCESS or Plate privileges that come with your membership.
A lack of service
to the AuctionACCESS network for more than 14-business days would result in a full refund of service.
We are proud to report that in the last ten years we have had 0 of these occurrences. This is thanks to our rigorous monitoring and auditing of all accounts.
Similarly, we guarantee your Plate usage and its Active Registration and Active Insurance until the advertised expiration date.

One way we ensure this is by paying off our liability insurance along  with the registration fees at the time we obtain our plates, so that there is no possibility of lapses in insurance, which is common with many of our competitors.

AuctionACCESS nationwide network charges an extra $103/year maintenance fee. We will collect this from you afterwards when/if neccssary.
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